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Strong Words To Live By

29 Jun

Many of seem to dwell on the past, to the point where it almost consumes us entirely.  A weekly dose of these strong words may help in remembering to let go of the past and look to the future!




1 Jun

Hawk in Flight

While taking our second nature walk of the summer today, my amateur photographer of a son happened to snap this photo of a beautiful and graceful hawk with it’s outstretched wings soaring high above the thirsty terrain.  Upon admiring his photo I began to wonder, “do we actually still maintain this freedom we Americans have always claimed to have”?  You cannot know by simply looking at this photograph but this eye-catching hawk was gliding over the Texas/Mexico border along the Rio Grande River.  This hawk symbolizes something that in my opinion the human race has lost in light of the most horrific border violence in history, our freedom.  As a child I remember countless times in which I had the privilege of visiting some of the most charming places in Mexico including Michoacán, Acapulco, Playa Azul, Celaya and innumerous others.  These lush regions had some of the most ravishing landscapes I had ever witnessed.  As a mother now I would have loved to have introduced my children to the beauty that I once knew.  Due to the heinous crimes that are occurring just miles south of this border, this disillusioned dream of mine is just that, a dream.   I am disheartened at the fact that I have been robbed of this so called “freedom” and that my children will never be able to appreciate what I experienced growing up as child.  Immaculate stories of a once picturesque country is all that is left and for me that is simply not enough.  To be free such as this hawk, to “fly” anywhere, anytime is something that I yearn for and wish to be able to get back in my lifetime and my children’s.

Because We Are Bored! Seriously???

26 May


It never fails.  I’m on my sofa, peacefully watching a juicy episode of Criminal Minds with the ever so handsome Shemar Moore and BAM! All three of my kids walk in asking me for things.  One wants to go to the park, the other wants to go to the store to buy a candy with his $1.00 and the other wants to go visit a friend.  I ask them why all of sudden all three want to go somewhere and what is the response I get “because we are bored”.  Seriously???!!!

So I guess the Xbox is outdated with all 20 to 30 games or so that my son and daughter own?  Not to mention the expanding Xbox Live community that I get to listen to every night (not by choice)  thanks to the blossoming technology of Microsoft and their invention of the Kinect.  Or what about my son’s Kindle?  The abundance of FREE (since when is anything in this world ever free) games that can be downloaded onto his tablet and still they have nothing to do!?  What ever happened to the popularity of the cell phone?  Wasn’t texting the hip thing to do lately?  Isn’t that what kids and teenagers are doing now a days?  Not mine.  I pay for a cell phone that NEVER gets used, but what can I do, I’m stuck with a blood-sucking contract!  Oh, and let’s not forget the internet that so conveniently comes with a laptop!  There is always something interesting to do (blog) on the internet, lately it seems to be watching ridiculous Youtube videos.  But for some odd reason my kids still seem to get bored on a daily basis!  And let’s not forget cable!  Yes we have ALL the channels, which means there is ALWAYS something to watch! But no, my kids are still bored to death regardless of all this technology.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not a mom who likes to be locked up in my house all day every day while watching soap operas.  I do make time to take my children out to different places such as parks, museums, the beach, etc.  But geez, as a single mom who does get tired (yes it does happen although I am supposed to be supermom) every once in a while I want to just be able to sit down and enjoy the heart-stopping series Criminal Minds. I mean, which single mom doesn’t enjoy watching Shemar Moore in action!


25 May

Pregnant Stomach




In the darkness I lay my head,

My pillow wet with tears,

Tears because of you, tears because of me.

I let you hurt me, I knew better.

Eight months with child,

You were nowhere to be found.

In the morning I would wake,

I slept alone.

You slept alone.

What was the point, continuing this charade.

Wasted time, wasted strength.

All for nothing.  All for something. 

You blessed me, with child.

NASA Science Camp

22 May



I am excited to learn that my son’s school is offering a free two week NASA Science Camp this summer.  I have already signed him up and am excited to learn what they will be doing.  All I know is that they have several subjects ranging from building rockets to learning about the solar system.  This is an awesome opportunity for him and other children as well plus it keeps them a little busy in the summer.  My son has chosen learning about the solar system because he thinks he will get the chance to go to a planetarium (fingers crossed). This would be wonderful as it could be the beginning of a well decorated college resume/application.  I will keep you guys posted as to what projects he works on within those first two weeks in June.

Killing Several Birds With One Stone

21 May

I know us single moms are always extremely busy and we find ourselves lacking time to do many things.  I came home today not planning to go anywhere.  Generally I always make dinner, work on homework with the kids and relax for a while before it’s off to shower and bed.  But our household has become a little more hectic lately and I am needing to find ways to get everything done in one day and still have some time to rest.  Well, today I decided to take a walk with my kids and our new puppy to the park.  In doing this I found myself being able to get some exercise, the kids were able to play (and exercise), our puppy was able to get her much needed walk and the biggest plus of all, I took my new camera to snap some photos.  These are a few of the sample pics I snapped a while ago.  I am still getting the hang of it but I find myself enjoying this newfound hobby.  Nevertheless, this seems like a good routine to follow several times a week.  I’m able to kill several birds with one stone and I encourage all you single, busy moms to do the same.  Figure out how you can get several things done at once and you will realize how much free time you find yourself with.


Summer 2013 Nature Photography Contest

20 May

I have elected to enroll my son in a nature photo contest.  What I like about this is that it’s completely free and offered through the city we live in.  This is good on so many levels.   It allows my son to try something new, photography.  Through the course of this he will of course learn about the importance and beauty of nature.  It also will give us some good quality, bonding time which is always important.  I’m excited to see if he will win one of the many prizes that will be awarded in August.  I will keep you guys posted with pics and details of our nature journey this summer.

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