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8 Jul


One song is all it takes

And I lose my freaking mind.

I think of the good

And I find myself missing you to no end.

I think of the bad

And I find myself pushing you out of my mind.

I long for the days when we were in love

The devotion we had like no other.

Those days were evanescent,

Those days were invigorating.

Although I find myself needing you

I keep thinking to myself

How do I get past this pained desire in my heart,

When all I can do is think about how you ripped me apart.


Strong Words To Live By

29 Jun

Many of seem to dwell on the past, to the point where it almost consumes us entirely.  A weekly dose of these strong words may help in remembering to let go of the past and look to the future!



7 Jun



Incandescent rain drops on my doorstep

 Acrid tear drops sliding down my face

Angry thunder palpitating my window panes

Cries of agony mimicking the tearful rain

Lightning strikes, bright flashes erupt

Pangs of heartache, ever so abrupt

Lustrous apricot sun, guarded by sinister clouds

You are my ecstasy, shadowed by my doubt

Streaks of radiance shining through

Proof, that hope can still be true

Thunderous storm has come and gone

Trees swaying in the remnants of what once was

Slowly gazing up at the cloud-laced sky

Only to see that despair is still a part of my life.

Love Lost

5 Jun

empty heart








Love, will you ever find me?

Will I ever find you?

I had you once, I thought I did.

You were masked in a sea of deception,

Affliction, rage and greed.

For the love of my innocents, my angels

I sent you away, shut you out.

My heart was broken

Shattered beyond repair.

My heart was free, my heart is empty

Now I yearn for you once again,

Like a wilting red rose, thirsty for water,

Thirsty for life.

Writing Your Own Autobiography is Difficult

4 Jun


I am not a professional writer, nor a professional blogger.  Actually I’m not very artistic or good at self expression at all.  But I have always wanted to write a book, at least start off with an autobiography.  I don’t consider my life to be too extravagant but I think I have had enough experiences, good and bad, happy and sad to write about.  Starting this blog is my first step at self expression.  I have always been one to keep everything inside.  I rarely let out my emotions and when I do, unfortunately it’s not very pretty.  I think that by beginning to blog it will help me heal some wounds that I have had, wounds that are still open, still feel fresh.  These are wounds from family, wounds from friends, wounds from men, wounds from myself.   Even as I write this post I find it difficult for a feeling inside me, a pain in my heart perhaps, begins to form and tears slowly form in my eyes.  I have started to write this “book” of mine, chapter 1 is in the works but I found myself needing to stop fairly early.  Writing about my childhood means visiting some of those wounds again and reigniting the pain.  I began to write (or type in this case) and quickly  had to stop, take a deep breath, close my eyes, think for a bit and start again with some renewed strength.  I think it may take me some time to write this book for I have many areas of my life that I have shut off for certain reasons.  Opening them back up is going to take some time and some careful approach but I think that the time is right.  The time is now.  I need to find some sort of way to forgive myself before I can forgive others.  Then and only then I can move on and write about how I have overcome these obstacles and how I have found new happiness in my life with myself and my children.

Some Morning Inspiration for Moms and/or Future Moms

30 May












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Some Words to Live By…

29 May


In the Shadows

27 May



In the Shadows


Eternal sleep I fear you,

For I know not when you will arrive

Nor in what morbid shape or form.

The clock ticks but the hour is unknown

We may be in comfort but location remains a mystery

You lurk in the darkest of shadows

Foreseeing  the oblivious moment

In which you undesirably pounce upon us

Leaving us unaware

Lost in forgotten thoughts

Of the moment you left us breathless.



When My House Is Quiet

27 May


When My House Is Quiet


When my house is quiet, my heart is empty

The sounds of joy, the sounds of laughter

Are put on hold until tomorrow

I watch you sleep, I watch you smile

Signs that you are dreaming with the angels

So sleep my darlings, get your rest

For mommy waits for you to rise

In anticipation to hear your voices once again

The sounds of joy, the sounds of laughter

That fill my house when it is quiet.



25 May

Pregnant Stomach




In the darkness I lay my head,

My pillow wet with tears,

Tears because of you, tears because of me.

I let you hurt me, I knew better.

Eight months with child,

You were nowhere to be found.

In the morning I would wake,

I slept alone.

You slept alone.

What was the point, continuing this charade.

Wasted time, wasted strength.

All for nothing.  All for something. 

You blessed me, with child.

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