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Please Vote: Summer Nature Photo Contest

12 Aug

Hey guys!  I know I haven’t posted anything in a while…summer has kept me busy…vacation, summer photo contest, and an awesome promotion at work.  Nonetheless, I am back and asking for your support.  I previously posted something in regards to a summer nature photo contest my son entered.  This is the photo that was chosen as a contender.  I am hoping most, if not all of you, have facebook so you can go to the following link and hit LIKE to vote for his photo to win.  Thank you so much and I appreciate all your support! 😀


A Day at the Beach 07/14/13

15 Jul

Estero Llano Grande State Park 06/08/2013

8 Jun
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These are our photos from our nature walk today. Hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park-6/1/2013

1 Jun

These pictures were taken by my 10 year old son.  Our second nature walk this summer.

1st Round Nature Photos

20 May

These are a few of the first round pics my 10 year old son took this past weekend for the contest.  Not bad for a beginner.

Squirrel Attack!

20 May

Hello readers!!! Today marked the first trial run we had at testing out this nature photography contest and although it was a very nice day out we had a very scary encounter.  My son and I plus a close friend of mine went to a very beautiful birding center called Quinta Mazatlan.  While walking through the trails and stopping every few minutes to take some nice pictures we came across a family.  We noticed they were touching something and not sure what until we got a closer look.  We quickly noticed they were petting a squirrel.  My first instict was to think this was really adorable.  However, my friend happened to mention that squirrels carry rabies.  By this point the family left and we began to snap some photos of the squirrel.  It was all going ok until we decided to leave.  As we walked away the squirrel began to follow us.  Once again I thought this was cute, until the squirrel ran past us and stopped right in front of our path blocking us.  This is where panic began to set in.  We all chuckled and tried to walk along all the while this squirrel following and jumping in front of us.  After some running, ditching and dogding we made it to the welcome center and hid inside.  We waited for a while thinking the squirrel would scamper off.  Boy were we mistaken.  We walked outside and there it was.  Somehow the squirrel ran into the building and continued to chase us.  I notified one of the employees of the situation and she thought it was the most amazing thing, stating that this was the first time it had ever happened.  She helped in ushering the squirrel outside at which point it began to follow my friend who was several feet ahead.  Luckily another employee was outside and she so nonchalantly scooped up the squirrel and took it to another part of the center.  We later learned that other families had called the center while on the trail informing them of a “situation” with a squirrel out on the trail.  It seems that the issue was due to the heat in Texas the squirrels have been really thirsty and more than likely was finding a way to let us know it wanted some water.  I feel so horrible now thinking I could have helped it somehow by setting down some water.  Luckily though this center has some awesome staff and they recognized the situation right away and took care of it.  That is the picture of the cute little guy that gave me, my son and my friend an afternoon adventure to remember. DSCF0179

Summer 2013 Nature Photography Contest

20 May

I have elected to enroll my son in a nature photo contest.  What I like about this is that it’s completely free and offered through the city we live in.  This is good on so many levels.   It allows my son to try something new, photography.  Through the course of this he will of course learn about the importance and beauty of nature.  It also will give us some good quality, bonding time which is always important.  I’m excited to see if he will win one of the many prizes that will be awarded in August.  I will keep you guys posted with pics and details of our nature journey this summer.

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