The Best Breakfast Ever

2 Jun

DSCF0443I know what you are thinking, “that looks like just a basic bologna sandwich” and you would be right, however, to me this is the absolute best breakfast bologna sandwich my hungry stomach has ever experienced.  You see, this morning, while laying in my comfortable, plush bed laying next to my angelic sleeping 5 year old I was awakened by the sweetest, most exquisite voice of my 8 year old daughter Illiana.  “Mom wake up and go to the table in the kitchen please”.  I miraculously managed to conjure up the strength to get out of bed (which was secretly calling me to come back) and proceeded to clumsily walk still half asleep to the kitchen.  Upon entering I was greeted with a nicely cleaned table decorated with a plate in which a simply-made bologna sandwich lay next to a small cup of iced-tea.  Illiana is standing there with her big beautiful eyes and a heart-stopping smile saying “eat your breakfast mommy”.  I am not much of a breakfast person but for some reason, possibly the heart flutters I immediately felt, I became extremely hungry AND thirsty.  I sat down and enjoyed every single mouth-watering bite of this sandwich, not your basic sandwich, one that was made the most innocent of hearts, which in her mind was the best breakfast she had ever made her mother. And guess what, this was the best-tasting sandwich on the planet at that very moment.  To make things even a little more heart-warming for you, she had made one for her 5 year old sister Gigi as well.  It’s the little things such as these that make me feel proud to be the single mother that I am.  This morning I was the happiest mother on earth.


2 Responses to “The Best Breakfast Ever”

  1. unchartedmishaps June 2, 2013 at 10:49 PM #

    Oh I just about died of cuteness overload! What wonderful forces our children can be.

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