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Some Morning Inspiration for Moms and/or Future Moms

30 May












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Safety and Responsibility

29 May

Every morning when I get to work I tend to open up the internet and read the latest news on Yahoo, my simple way of trying to keep up with what’s going on in the world.  Today of all days I happened to read the very first article that popped out at me, and it was that of the 5 teenagers from California who were sadly killed in a car wreck.  The description of the accident was so horrific that it brought me to tears, and you do not need to be a parent to read this and feel some sort of remorse, sadness, or sympathy for the families that lost their children.

faith My three children are still young but there will come a time when they will venture out with their friends and explore the world, and as much as I would love to keep them locked behind closed doors for their protection, I know that is virtually impossible.  They must go out and discover life but it is up to me as their mother to try and teach them responsibility and how to recognize a safe situation versus one that isn’t.  I plead with you parents to talk to your children about safety and responsibility when going out with friends.  My son is only 10 but I sincerely think that instilling these practices at an early age may help them in the future.  I know that at times we cannot avoid the inevitable, but as a parent I would sleep better at night knowing that I did my best to properly educate my children on safety and responsibility.


Some Words to Live By…

29 May


Days Like These

29 May


It is days like yesterday that make me want to stay in bed forever, just lifting the covers up above my head and saying goodbye to the world.  Days where I dread picking up my daughter at daycare because I am terrified at the look they give me, knowing that she acted like an out of control 5 year old.  She’s 5, how else is she supposed to act?  Maybe my child is still stuck in her terrible two’s, maybe she is being mistreated at the daycare and I just don’t know about it.  Questioning it won’t help because people lie.  When I picked her up yesterday I already knew something was wrong, watching my 5 year old standing there, with her head ducked down and her tiny hands covering her eyes as she began to weep.  I tried getting the story out of her, but she wouldn’t speak to me because she knew she was in trouble?  Even in my calmest voice she refused to utter a single word to me as to how she behaved.  What happened?  Did you misbehave AGAIN?  Why did you misbehave?  Tell mommy.  None of this worked.  So I looked at the lady watching my daughter and even she looked too ashamed to tell me what happened.   So in her weakest voice she tells me, all this in Spanish by the way, “I’m too embarrassed to tell you, but your daughter was throwing rocks at other kids.”  At this point I looked at my daughter, trying to find a way to get the story out of her, mainly just to make it look like I was trying to parent her right then and there in front of the daycare lady.  I do this almost on a regular basis because I’m scared they will tell me she can no longer attend if it doesn’t look like I’m trying to discipline her in front of them.  So I look at the lady with the most “I’m sorry” look I could give her and proceed to walk my daughter out of the daycare, scolding her on the way to the car.  But how do you punish your child for something that happened several hours earlier?  How do you get them to understand WHY they are being punished?  She is 5 and I still don’t remember what I did at the age of 5 so how I can expect my daughter to truly understand why she is being punished?  At this point it seems repetitive, all I can do is talk to her, scold her, explain why she is being punished and proceed to taking away some of her favorite items.  Although it doesn’t seem to work, I really know of nothing else to do.  And it hurts me because at the same time I am supposed to be the “good” parent I have to play the “bad” parent and I’m afraid it will confuse my child, seeing as to how they have no one else to turn to when she is being punished.   So it is days like these in which I would rather become hermit-like and hide from the world.

Invisible Ear Plug Syndrome

27 May

ear plugs

Are there any other mommies out there who seem to have contracted a disease called the “invisible ear plug syndrome”.   It exists I promise.  It may not be a medically relevant term or have been added to Webster’s Dictionary, but I plan on adding it to the Urban Dictionary.

I believe this disease mainly affects moms of multiple children, for we often fall victim to hearing the words:  mom, mommy, mama, or mother, several times a day from ALL of our children at the exact same time.  Hence, we end up developing the “invisible ear plug syndrome” in which we subconsciously drowned out only the above referenced “mom, etc.” words and proceed to having selective hearing (usually what we are watching on TV).  I for one have had this disease for the longest time and at no point in my life plan to find a cure.  Although diseases can be harmful, I find this one to be very helpful at certain times, times when I am watching my favorite soap with a hot actor, or when I am reading a juicy book and I am at the climax point (the height of the book, not the other one you pervs).

Unfortunately this disease comes and goes, for there comes a certain time when after so many “mommies” your brain has been overpowered and you are forced to look up and yell  eerily similar to Lois from “Family Guy”  WHAT!!!  At that point one of two things can happen:  (1) your child says or asks for something that did require your attention and you end up feeling guilty, or (2) your child had nothing meaningful to say and you go on about perfecting the “invisible ear plug syndrome”.  Either way, I hope I am not the only one out there with this disease, or I have failed as a mother.

How Old Do Our Kids Really Think We Are?

27 May


I just got back from picking up my two older, wonderful, extremely outspoken children from school.  My little one had been asking for a snack all day long while we were at home being lazy on this special Memorial Day.  Upon picking up my children I decided to stop at the store and out of the kindness of my heart buy them each a snack, as well as myself in anticipation of tonight’s Spurs game.  Once we were done traversing every aisle for the best of the best basketball game snacks, I paid for the items and we went on our merry way.   During our drive home I distinctly heard Salt N Pepa’s “Shoop” song playing on the radio, mind you the radio was really low, but these ears of mine can pick any popular song right away.  So what did a 31 year old mother do upon hearing this early 90’s hit? Yep, I blared the radio and began singing it at the top of my lungs trying to do some moves in the car as well (although not successfully).  I turned to my kids and tried to get them to join in, however, upon looking at their skeptical faces it dawned on me that they know NOTHING about this era of ever so popular music.  At that point my son looked at me and asked “Isn’t this from the 1960’s”?  I couldn’t have been more insulted!  I go through this pretty much on a daily basis, in which my kids sincerely believe that I am some sort of dinosaur, a relic from the 19th century and I come to the realization that it’s only going to get worse.  They haven’t even hit their teenage years yet.  Oh boy!

old lady

In the Shadows

27 May



In the Shadows


Eternal sleep I fear you,

For I know not when you will arrive

Nor in what morbid shape or form.

The clock ticks but the hour is unknown

We may be in comfort but location remains a mystery

You lurk in the darkest of shadows

Foreseeing  the oblivious moment

In which you undesirably pounce upon us

Leaving us unaware

Lost in forgotten thoughts

Of the moment you left us breathless.



When My House Is Quiet

27 May


When My House Is Quiet


When my house is quiet, my heart is empty

The sounds of joy, the sounds of laughter

Are put on hold until tomorrow

I watch you sleep, I watch you smile

Signs that you are dreaming with the angels

So sleep my darlings, get your rest

For mommy waits for you to rise

In anticipation to hear your voices once again

The sounds of joy, the sounds of laughter

That fill my house when it is quiet.


Because We Are Bored! Seriously???

26 May


It never fails.  I’m on my sofa, peacefully watching a juicy episode of Criminal Minds with the ever so handsome Shemar Moore and BAM! All three of my kids walk in asking me for things.  One wants to go to the park, the other wants to go to the store to buy a candy with his $1.00 and the other wants to go visit a friend.  I ask them why all of sudden all three want to go somewhere and what is the response I get “because we are bored”.  Seriously???!!!

So I guess the Xbox is outdated with all 20 to 30 games or so that my son and daughter own?  Not to mention the expanding Xbox Live community that I get to listen to every night (not by choice)  thanks to the blossoming technology of Microsoft and their invention of the Kinect.  Or what about my son’s Kindle?  The abundance of FREE (since when is anything in this world ever free) games that can be downloaded onto his tablet and still they have nothing to do!?  What ever happened to the popularity of the cell phone?  Wasn’t texting the hip thing to do lately?  Isn’t that what kids and teenagers are doing now a days?  Not mine.  I pay for a cell phone that NEVER gets used, but what can I do, I’m stuck with a blood-sucking contract!  Oh, and let’s not forget the internet that so conveniently comes with a laptop!  There is always something interesting to do (blog) on the internet, lately it seems to be watching ridiculous Youtube videos.  But for some odd reason my kids still seem to get bored on a daily basis!  And let’s not forget cable!  Yes we have ALL the channels, which means there is ALWAYS something to watch! But no, my kids are still bored to death regardless of all this technology.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not a mom who likes to be locked up in my house all day every day while watching soap operas.  I do make time to take my children out to different places such as parks, museums, the beach, etc.  But geez, as a single mom who does get tired (yes it does happen although I am supposed to be supermom) every once in a while I want to just be able to sit down and enjoy the heart-stopping series Criminal Minds. I mean, which single mom doesn’t enjoy watching Shemar Moore in action!


25 May

Pregnant Stomach




In the darkness I lay my head,

My pillow wet with tears,

Tears because of you, tears because of me.

I let you hurt me, I knew better.

Eight months with child,

You were nowhere to be found.

In the morning I would wake,

I slept alone.

You slept alone.

What was the point, continuing this charade.

Wasted time, wasted strength.

All for nothing.  All for something. 

You blessed me, with child.

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